Dupl.io Changelog

11/02/2018 - r180

MAJOR: Alliances, Bugfixes and Improvements

Feature: Alliances! You can now call a truce with two other players, having an alliance will mean you cannot take their tiles.

Gameplay: More colours added to help differentiate between players.

Gameplay: On expanding the player will only be able to click after expanding tiles have finished their timeout.

Bugfix: Stopped long names spanning over multiple tiles from blocking clicks.

Bugfix: Fixed an issue where player names would sometimes persist over blocks.

Bugfix: Glitch is now fixed that allowed players to force a block up 2 levels. (Thanks to the Dupl.io discord for reporting!)

Bugfix: Fixed an issue where the game end stats wouldn't display the correct values.

Misc: Added new colours and removed others as noted with Discord players.

Server: Various server performance increases and bugfixes.