Dupl.io Changelog

17/12/2018 - r309

Leaderboards and Maps

Leaderboards: Through Kepla accounts we now track everyones wins over each day, week, month and all time! You can also compete directly against your friends if you add them over at kepla.io

UI Refresh: The main menu and game over interfaces have been reworked to provide a more appealing experience. On the game over screen you can click a Kepla user's name to view their profile!

Maps: Each server will now cycle through a variety of maps to keep each game fresh and make it more enjoyable to come back.

Performance: General performance updates to make the game smoother to run in browser.

21/11/2018 - r253

Accounts and Minor BugFixes

Accounts: With the release of Kepla.io, Dupl.io has now had Kepla accounts integrated. This means you can track your wins accross your Dupl.io career.

Future: This small addition marks a much larger set of additions that are planned in the coming months!

02/04/2018 - r230

Bugfixes, Keyboard Camera Move, Region Servers

Feature: You can now choose either US or EU servers.

Feature: You can now pan across the map with either WASD or Arrow Keys.

Bugfix: Fixed an issue where two game over screens would be displayed.

05/03/2018 - r206

ROUTINE: Alliances, Bugfixes and Improvements

Feature: You can now choose between servers.

Gameplay: There is now a 30 second pre-game timeout, this enables a break between games.

Gameplay: You can now see how many people you Eliminated at the end of the game aswell as when it happens.

Ads: After games we are now showing Video Ads, These ads will never have a negative impact on you starting a game. Please consider turning off adblock to help us keep Dupl.io alive :)

Bugfix: Fixed an issue where players scores wouldn't entirely be up to date.

Bugfix: Fixed an issue where there would be invisible blocks, meaning people couldn't visibly die.

11/02/2018 - r180

MAJOR: Alliances, Bugfixes and Improvements

Feature: Alliances! You can now call a truce with two other players, having an alliance will mean you cannot take their tiles.

Gameplay: More colours added to help differentiate between players.

Gameplay: On expanding the player will only be able to click after expanding tiles have finished their timeout.

Bugfix: Stopped long names spanning over multiple tiles from blocking clicks.

Bugfix: Fixed an issue where player names would sometimes persist over blocks.

Bugfix: Glitch is now fixed that allowed players to force a block up 2 levels. (Thanks to the Dupl.io discord for reporting!)

Bugfix: Fixed an issue where the game end stats wouldn't display the correct values.

Misc: Added new colours and removed others as noted with Discord players.

Server: Various server performance increases and bugfixes.